Revolutionary Training System

On our way to attaining defect-free quality standard, we have been implementing and continuously improving our revolutionary Training System - a system that we have long proven to be an effective tool for achieving high yield and lofty performance.

Our Training System is revolutionary in a sense that it encourages continuous, active and self-learning. Other than the standard on-job training and tutorial training sections, we organize Interactive Training, build a Training Intranet, and set up the Topsearch University in order to breathe life into our training programs.

Interactive Training

For example, we prepare an interactive digital video program for each process-training module, and incorporate this with an interactive Q&A and trouble shooting section. As a result, we significantly improve our employees' ability to manage routine tasks, as well as resolve and response to critical issues.

Training Intranet

Our Training Intranet further takes us to a higher level - a level that we can track down various inside/outside training programs, worthwhile-seeing books and periodicals from the Intranet, covering a broad spectrum from industry specific to general management.

On top of this, we add flexibility by allowing our employees to choose their own preferred time and place for learning at their own pace. We do that by making use of the Intranet as a portal to our Library of various Interactive Training videos.

Topsearch University

Attention is also drawn to how to encourage the continuous professional advancement among our executive staff members. The Topsearch University is thus set up and allies with some of the best universities at the region, like Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Tsinghua University and Television Broadcasting University, in providing a range of high quality standard, professional training courses.

Tsinghua University Industrial Engineering Master Program

Tsinghua University has recently commenced an industrial engineering master program for Topsearch's employees since mid of 2002. The course is aimed at providing further academic training to the high caliber engineers with more than two-year service to the company.

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