Environmental Research
At Topsearch, we believe our success shall not only be gauged by pure economic yardsticks, but shall also be reflected on its ecological values. We have therefore set a range of "green signposts" as our guiding principles for management and operation. And they are:
  • To reduce possible undesirable waste emission or disposal
  • To reduce unnecessary resources consumption
  • To reuse and recycle parts, materials and valuable resources
  • To employ environmental friendly raw materials, designs, processes,and packaging

Topsearch will also sponsor Tsinghua University (one of the top research and education institutions in China) to set up the "Tsinghua Topsearch Green Manufacturing R&D Center" to achieve the following:

  • Build a Green Manufacturing Demonstration Center
  • Conduct Green Manufacturing Researches
  • Organize and promote Green Education

Major subjects for researches include:

  • Green Assessment System
  • Green Design Theory and Methods
  • Recycle and Reuse Technology of PCB
  • Energy Consumption Management
  • Green Education for Manufacturing and Industrial Ecology
  • Green Manufacturing Web Site

Topsearch is playing a significant role in taking the Green Technologies onto the next level. We are looking forward to sharing these future technologies with you and are confident that together, we can build a better and healthier environment.

Green Assessment System

  • To incorporate all aspects of product quality, functions, economic value,and degree of environmental friendliness into an assessment model
  • To study the impact of the products on the environment throughout the complete product life cycle

Green Design Theory and Methods

  • To establish a set of green design principles for electromechanical products
  • To build green design methods for material selection, design of production processes,and assessment of environmental impacts of product usage & recycle
  • To incorporate recycle and reuse concepts into product design
  • To establish a green manufacturing & design supporting management decision system and database

Recycle and Reuse Technology of PCB

  • To develop recycle and reuse know-how for metal and non-metal materials from IT, Telecom, Automobile,and scrap PCB products
  • To research on recycle / reuse techniques and corresponding anti-pollution measures

Energy Consumption Management

  • To improve efficiency of energy distribution across the factory
  • To develop technique of collection and reuse of wasted heat
  • To research on solar energy transformation, storage,and application
  • To improve energy efficiency and minimize energy consumption overall

Green Education for Manufacturing and Industrial Ecology

  • To provide green education teaching methods, contents, and materials to the public with different education levels
  • To develop a range of CAI software
  • To promote green education for manufacturing and industrial ecology through the Internet
  • To provide educational demonstration
  • To reinforce the alliances with overseas universities, research centers, and other business entities for joint research endeavor
  • To train up more elites in the field
  • To ultimately promote 3-levels green education system, which consists of general level, professional level,and advanced level

Green Manufacturing Web Site

  • To build a green manufacturing web site for publishing research findings, promoting green manufacturing technologies, and promoting environmental protection awareness among the publics
  • To provide introduction and news of research center's latest developments, structure and staffing, new research findings, corresponding legislation, press release,and other forms of promotional materials.
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