At Topsearch, reliability is one of our top concerns. By employing top talent and some of the most advanced equipment, we are able to maintain high levels of reliability. Above and beyond customers requirements such as SEM/EDAX, IR reflow machine, low resistance short detection and pressure cooker ,etc.

      X-ray Optek
PTH Reliability

Air to Air¡¡  Liquid to liquid
√ Lamination
        Pressure cooker
Surface Finish
        Wetting Balance¡¡  Ionic Chromatography
√ Other

√ Registration
£º Internal Registration: We take internal registration very seriously; 100% x-ray optimization prior to drill, we are insured to meet the customers tightening specifications

       X-ray Optek£º The Optek allows us to increase the accuracy of internal registration checks. The x-ray improves the positional accuracy to 0.5 mils allowing us to trouble

√ PTH Reliability£º Buy using Air to Air, and Liquid to Liquid testing, we can insure that our products are run under the best possible conditions. These two provide us an additional level of process control, by allowing us to see, what cannot be viewed by other methods like cross-sections or solder float. It allows us to fix potential problems before they turn into quality or reliability issues


       Air to Air£º This temperature cycling provides a gradual ramp on temperature. This process is most standard outside of the solder shock

       Liquid to Liquid£º With liquid as the medium the heat transfer is much quicker allowing results in a much quicker time.

√ Lamination
       Pressure cooker£º The pressure cooker allows us to set the most efficient and reliable process parameters for each of our material. This machine is much more effective than solder floating alone.

√ Surface finish£º With the almost unlimited supply of surface finishes we have, surface quality requires special machinery.

       Wetting Balance£º To insure good solder ability at our customer's sites we have purchased a wetting balance machine, this allows us to proactively prevent problems on the process lines. It helps us to set process controls, as well as QC sampling

       Ionic Chromatograph£º To measure the level of anionic contaminants on the surface of the PCB. The in-house control here is to focus on - Cl , Br and SO4 residue remains on the PCB surface to determine the cleanliness control.

√ Other
       SEM/ EDAX£º We are one of few board shops that own a SEM. This is not only used for quick and help in troubleshooting, but is also used for process control, allowing us to derive process parameters from the high quality pictures


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