Environmental Policy
Topsearch pledges to uphold quality environment and implement policies for conserving resources and managing waste. In order to achieve continuous improvement in pollution prevention, and disposal of environmentally hazardous substances, Topsearch has set the following policies in compliance with environmental legislation.
  • During the stage of design, research,and development, environmental impact assessment for each material or machinery is conducted prior to any purchase decision. Accordingly, such impact assessment data is considered as one of the key criteria for procurement decisions.

  • During production, consumption, delivery,and waste disposal, the company undertakes environmental protection measures through technological enhancement, usage of recycling materials, and conservation of resources. Besides, minimum environmental impact approach and systematic recycling methods are employed to best protect the environment as well as the ecosystem.

  • The company commits to fulfill and comply with national and regional environmental protection legislation and establishes self-regulating framework and standards accordingly.

  • Awareness for environmental protection of all staff is enhanced through environmental protection activities, training programs,and promotion. "Reduce", "Reuse", "Recycle" are heavily promoted. By promoting so, the company is striving to protect the environment as well as to contribute back to society.

  • Top management is acting as a core for establishing a well-defined structure and system for environmental management by outlining corresponding responsibility, scope,and policy. Besides, this environmental protection policy is always given first priority, overriding production needs wherever necessary.

  • We devote ourselves to participate in external environmental protection activities, as well as to enhance our reputation as a green corporate citizen in the local community.

  • The company always keeps track of the development of international environmental protection legislation and ensures our environmental policy is implemented not only complying to international standards, but also at the same pace as our worldwide counterparts.

  • The effectiveness of implementing such environmental management system is examined by both internal and external EMS auditing units.

  • The company takes an aggressive approach towards any internal or external complaints or queries, by taking all necessary measures to provide real-time response and corresponding actions.

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