Topsearch was founded in 1985.

In 1987, Topsearch Industries entered into a joint venture agreement with Fisher and Paykel Pacific Limited (F&P) to set up PCB manufacturing facilities in China. Topsearch established its production facilities in Shekou, Shenzhen, and China in the same year, yet commenced production only a year later.

In 1992, Topsearch strategically centralized all its production activities at its Shekou, Shenzhen, and China facility to take advantages of more competitive labor and overhead costs.

Topsearch Shenzhen was awarded the ISO 9002 certification in 1994, while Topsearch Hong Kong awarded the certification in 1995.

In 1996, Topsearch Industries acquired F&P’s interest in Topsearch HK, making Topsearch HK a wholly owned subsidiary of Topsearch Industries.

In 2003, both Topsearch HK & Topsearch Shenzhen were awarded the ISO9001:2000 certification.

In 2006, Topsearch Shenzhen was awarded ISO/TS16949:2002 Certification.

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