Universal Tester

The main virtue of the Mania Universal Tester is its significant cost and time saving stemmed from the reuse of its test pins, compared to the use of traditional E-tester with considerable fixture-building cost.

The testing points of the machine can reach up to 40K. While the maximum size of panel is 19.2" X 16". Besides, it is powered with the capability to test fine pitch product with geometry as fine as 10 mil.

Picture of Universal Tester

Flying Probe Tester

Automatic Flying Probe E-testing machine is a high performance fixtureless, bare board tester, featuring up to 8 independent probes for single or double-sided testing. It is capable of testing fine geometry interconnect areas as fine as 8 mil, which is beyond the ability of any grid tester.

It is therefore a preferred option for less-sophisticated e-testing considering its no fixture-building cost and remarkable capability for fine pitch testing.

Picture of Flying Probe Tester

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