CAT Portable

Portable CAT - an excellent machine for identifying developer and etch distribution, assists in correcting "puddling" effects or other distribution problems. It is also effective in measuring stripping capabilities.

It effectively and accurately identifies surface preparation issues and capability, aids in evaluation of different treatments, and is indispensable in comparing different photoresists. It is also an effective tool in measuring via (through and micro) reliability before and/or after thermal shock or stress.

CAT Portable Capabilities:

  • Measures line widths and line height to 0.5 micron (0.02 mil)
  • Measures internal registration to 25 micron (1 mil)
  • Measures soldermask registration to 12 micron (0.5 mil)
  • Measures conductor yields electrically
  • Measures through via yields electrically
  • Measures impedance to 0.5 ohms
  • Measures blind via registration and drill depth
  • Measures via reliability by resistance before and/or after thermal stress or shock.
  • Measures embedded resistors

Picture of CAT Portable Test Unit

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