Goals & Missions

We always have a heartfelt concern for your satisfaction level. That is why you are always on our mind when we set our goals and missions.

Global Support

We understand you have a genuine need for expanding globally while keeping focuses on cost control and efficiency perfection.

With our strategically located production facilities at cost-competitive region - China, and our well-spread global support teams at all major markets, we are here to serve your every need both locally and globally.

Passion and Dedication

Driven by your desire to achieve more, we have been constantly looking to break ground today technically and cost-effectively.

To achieve higher quality standards, we have been utilizing international recognized testing methods, such as IST and CAT, to further refine our skills and processes.

Pushing for more, we will continue to invest heavily in process automation, research and development at different frontiers, such as boosting via reliability, advancing skills for building fineline and microvia products.


In the near future, we will achieve even higher technical standards and greater production capacity with our new plant.

We cordially look forward to soon becoming
"The Power behind Your Global PCB Solutions".

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